Why Walk for Life


In many corners of our society, what it means to respect a human life from their earliest moments to their natural end is being redefined. Sadly, the value of a person is increasingly reduced to their ability and perceived independence, not as a natural right.

As a result, the lives of unborn children, pregnant women & mothers, orphans, the terminally ill, the disabled and our dependent elderly population are often devalued or threatened. Advokate is here to stand in the gap for the marginalized.

Watch Jade's Story of how Hope For Women helped change her life.

Our mission

Informed Education - Providing accurate information is the key to influencing society’s attitudes. Advokate works hard to get accurate and accessible information to the public, especially youth groups, high schools and universities.  Advokate staff and partners address hundreds of local students each year and reaches thousands more online.


Personal Support - Advokate runs a local pregnancy care centre in Abbotsford, BC, Hope for Women Pregnancy Services.  Here we provide free pregnancy tests, options counselling with ongoing assistance and referrals.  Hope for Women is the fastest growing pregnancy centre in BC and is on pace to serve 150 clients in 2015.


Community Outreach - Through public awareness campaigns, online outreach and life affirming media Advokate acts as a voice for those who don't have a voice in our culture.  Our outdoor and online content is innovative and reaches tens of thousands each year.


Where do the funds go?


Funds raised for the 26th annual Walk for Life will go to support the following Advokate initiatives: 

Hope for Women Pregnancy Services

Who are they?Hope For Women Pregnancy Centre

  • Pregnancy support centre that is open to the public 6 days/week providing:
  • A 24/7 Texting Crisis line.
  • Free Pregnancy Tests, baby and maternity supplies.
  • Support for fathers
  • Resources and Counselling Centre for pregnant women and new mothers.

Advokate Life and education services

The Work

  • Speaking to youth and young adults in high schools, universities, church groups and communitygroups.
  • Awareness campaigns through social media, public awareness and advertisements to important human rights issues, such as abortion and euthanasia
  • Production of educational videos for general public use.
  • Creation of online educational resources and campaigns
  • Community presentations on a wide variety of life issues.